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Our Story

eVision Services was started by Nate Reed in 2001.  The primary focus of eVision was to create 20-20 data catalogs for cabinet manufacturers.  That has stayed as the company’s primary focus for nearly 20 years. eVision team has grown and now supports a long list of manufactured cabinet brands with over 220 catalog releases each year.  The eVision team is continually educated on the latest versions of 20-20 and are one of the few who can support the complex data required to allow your dealers to get the most out of the latest 20-20 design features.

eVision expanded with Order Express in 2008.  Order Express takes a download from 20-20 and allows designers and dealers to generate accurate quotes for their customers without having to manually re-enter the order details.  Order Express now generates over 9,000 quotes and orders per week and supports 13,000 users nation-wide.  The same product data used for 20-20 and Order Express is now available in a Smart Spec format giving your dealers an intelligent electronic spec book.

The latest focus for eVision has been in visualization software that brings designs to 4k life-like displays and interactive product specification tools for the designers and clients to use.  See the product tabs for Carma, Studio Select and eCanvas for the exciting new products coming to market.

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